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When I met my first dom Daddy, I had just turned 18, vivacious and full of life! I didn’t realize that he was a famous person until well into our relationship. We would meet for weekend excursions and playful play dates. Experimenting with whips, chains, and ropes, but noting too kinky!

He never tied my hands too tight or left a gag on for more than a few minutes. I loved to explore my kinky side…things I would not dream of doing; I found myself trying things just to please him. Once, we showered and had mad rough sex..he brought me back into the shower and placed me inside the tub. The warm tingle of fluids sprayed my body like the first rays of the sunlight. Wow! I had just experienced my first golden shower.

Another time, we went to a Halloween party, I was dressed like upscale debutante, reminiscent of Audrey Hepburn’s breakfast at Tiffany draped in a white butterfly dress, sheer stockings, and white pumps. He was dressed handsomely in a black tux. Unlike most Halloween party, this one had a theme around the story of “O.”  Slaves on lease and fembois in maid outfits. Submissive sissies giving blowjobs, forced anal penetration, and handjobs. My senses were over stimulated. Especially, when he asked to remove my white lace panties.

After, we got home, he told me to undress for him and leave on my stocking and high heels. He handcuff my hands to the bedpost and told me to face upwards with my ass toward. I felt the sting of his belt pierce my behind. Then another and another alternating between my butt cheeks. Trying to endure the pain and girting my teeth…the pain was beginning to become unbearable! I dare not say ‘the safe word” and finally the spanking stopped. He took off the handcuffs and ordered me to masturbated for him while he fingered my tight pussyhole.

I came soo hard, it shook my body and I was trebling! “Do you know why I spanked you babygirl,” he asked. “No, Daddy,” I answered, whimpering. “You were thinking dirty thoughts and you wanted to seduce me,” he said, sternly. “No, Daddy,” I responded with a smirk. “You are not in control here, do you understand me, little one,” he said, in a loud tone. “Yes, I understand Daddy,” I replied. Then something usual happen, I was flooded with a ton of emotions…he held me closed to him and I started to cry in his arms

I assured myself that my spirit was not broken or turned out. It something I couldn’t explain at the time. I was still spoiled and loved to be pampered, but I learned a valuable lesson. Daddy’s do not want mindless robots, but they do love a challenge. He continued to try and dom my spirit and I continued to push back with my usual brattyness. Never taking my dom for grant, but learning to give a little in order to receive a lot…